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Pete's Express Car Wash
Home of the $3 Exterior Express Wash
Tax Included in all our washes!
Pete's $7 Car Wash
Pete's $3 Car Wash PLUS:
Spot Free Rinse
This wash decreases the risk of water spots using special detergents.
Wheel Cleaner
This wash helps to clean off the break dust that accumulates on the rims of your tires.
Tire Wash
This wash cleans off your tires.
High Pressure Wheel Blast
This high pressure system increases the effectiveness of your tire and rim wash.
Pete's $10 Car Wash
Pete's $7 Car Wash PLUS:
Undercarriage Wash
Our special tunnel system targets your vehicle’s undercarriage.
Polysealant Wash
This wash protects the paint on your vehicle using a polymer based solution.
Clear Coat Protectant
This wash cleans off your tires.
Pete's $12 Car Wash
Pete's $10 Car Wash PLUS:
Pete’s Tire Shine
This one of a kind treatment protects the rubber on your tires.
Triple Foam Polish
A three foam shinning polish is applied to your vehicle - offering even more protection!
Pete’s Ultra Shield
This premium service offers the very best protectant your vehicle can receive in a car wash for your vehicle’s paint and glass.
Pete's $15 Car Wash
Pete's $12 Car Wash PLUS:
This car wash is the best possible tunnel wax avaialable on the market.
Our BUBBLECANO applies the highest quality soaps, foams, and detergents to not only clean your vehicle but protect, its paint, give your tires a luster, and it is also the coolest tunnel wash avaialable!